A friend named fear

Luke Fecko
2 min readAug 22, 2020


Today I met fear well couple of times.

I wanted to put a bit of words into the fear topic. Or to put it better I was called to write about it.

It’s the ever present thing isn’t it. Fear is like the first frontier of unlocking the creative potential. There are other emotions for creation but I found fear especially interesting.

The relationship you have with fear is ultimately what you would have the relationship with life itself. It’s almost like a mirror emotion showing you how alive you are.

You really see when you felt fear and didn’t finish a sentence, or when you didn’t even start because you’ve found yourself lost in the indecision of how to start, what to write or when to write.

Like fear is a strange thing because you cannot avoid it. I don’t even know if you want. Like the stories I remember were at the moment colored by fear, but they are the ones that I talk about with my nephew.

We heard something from a bush. I could see him dragging the one wheel he felt scared. When we heard it, I was backing up a bit, to not be close to this spot. We heard how something is there or something is running away. “Did you hear it?” I was like: ”Yeah, there was something”.

There was something comical about it. Like we both were standing there, pumped with rocks in our hands, and he was dragging his one wheel. I just laugh even know. But it feels like you have a solution. Then we calmed down a bit and decide to walk back. Still watching the place closely.

THis moment of me trying to look at it to watch out if something is coming or not. That’s why someone can get annoyed when worrying/ You mind is doing just the job of trying to watch this fear. To make sure to not lose it so you are aware of it, where is the danger.

To be frank I don’t want to push myself to write anymore. I somehow feel like to just go and sleep. Exhausted, so I would edit what I have and go to sleep. Maybe I should try writing stuff next time earlier or at a different point of time.

We need fear. It’s like our pointer to see where to go and , we wouldn’t be compelte without the fear/ It really helped us. The moment when it’s get out of whack is when it’s ever present. “Would I publish it” what if they whatever.

What I wanted to express or started an conversation is about how fear is a friend that sometimes get a bad wrap. Just let’s fear, and create. That some stuff right here.

Bye and have a nice day tomorrof,