A funny framing for processing your feelings. Eat them!

For people who have a hard time allowing their feelings. I’ve got an idea that we can look at our feelings as a meal to eat.

Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash

Yesterday when writing an article, and trying to somehow express how to process a feeling, I funnily wrote thinking about food: “Eat them.”

After reading the article again and again, I kept smiling when reading the eating passage. “I think, I can write an article about it.”

I started to really enjoy the metaphor, and it even got me thinking: “Oh and a strong feeling its like a big meal, so it takes more time to eat.” Yeah, it was fun.

So here I am following this playful framing with more ideas.

I don’t know about you but sometimes, some of my feelings get stuck in my throat. It somehow is harder to live through them. They keep being inside me not really lived through and starting to pile one on top of another. It’s like giant hamburger where instead of meat, there is a resistance in the middle of two feelings.

Going outside that day I’ve met a worry. When it got to a hamburger phase, I did notice it, and because I was thinking about writing the article I thought: “Lets try this framing now.” And I recognize there was this uneaten hamburger and by focusing and being present I try to chew it slowly away.

It worked! Yeah, there is this distinctive feeling when anxiety passes away and you’re left with whatever message it broad to you. You don’t ignore it nor follow it. You just live through it and take whatever there is valuable.

Oh, maybe it’s a good to explain how to do the eating. Well I’m still developing the idea so bear with me. Oh, here is a funny framing I just received.

Imagine yourself being a cake. Your body a big giant pile cake of sensations. The feeling arise and all of a sudden you have these sensations all over you. What you do you go and chew one sensation after another with awareness.

Take an anxiety for example. There is usually tension somewhere in my body, or I have a hunched back. You go to that place and chew that sensation with awareness. Then you notice your shallow breathing so you go there and eat this too.

Basically the chewing is happening when bringing an awareness to that place.

That’s a funny way to look at eating the feeling of anxiety. I like it. Eat yourself!

Some feelings however may be a huge meal to eat in just a short moment. You’ll need probably more awareness bites, and a time.

Granted with some feelings it may be easier to eat them. Take a happiness for example. You never go around and tell to yourself: “Oh I am so tired of feeling happy, when it would finally go away?” Right? Happiness is sweet and you don’t really need to make any effort to eat it.

But when it comes to feelings like anxiety. You’re like: “Do I really need to?” It’s too stiff, tense. It isn’t that tasteful. You’re not really looking forward to doing so.

That’s where the broccoli idea comes around. You may not want broccoli over a sweet snack however you deep down knew a broccoli is good for you. You just need to recall to do it.

I don’t know. I somehow see anxiety as a broccoli. It is valuable it’s just a different taste than the pleasant ones. Use some peeper to make it taste better.

Granted, sometimes it could be overwhelming. You keep shoveling it down your belly and it’s just too full, already. Again, with looking at it as a being full of food what does one do? He waits a bit till his belly is more free.

So just notice, when your feeling belly is full of feelings and rest a bit. Go for a walk, have fun. Do something that you know helps your feeling belly to process them and free a space for another ones.

Some feeling meals however, may be really huge. Imagine not really eating them at all and just putting another and another layer of feelings on top of it. It makes sense that it would take more time chewing and processing them all.

Be present and patience with them. Chew each of the sensation with awareness and see what will happen.

Yeah, I think it’s a fun metaphor, that I can use the knowledge I have from the eating world and apply it to the feeling one.

So I wish you a lot of awareness bites and more and more pleasant foods for you to eat.

Bye and see ya tomorrof,


Just writing.