The writing moment

Writing, the tool for connection with other people and one’s self.

It’s intimidating to sit in front of the blank paper and write about something. Isn’t it? Like you want to do your best and hopefully someone would get something out of that, that resonates with him or her.

The resonation part is the one I look forward. If you can connect in an emotional level to what I write about, that’s it. I don’t need to be necessarily right or give you a piece of advice that is cooked just for you. Just to connect.

To feel that among all the people, in front of the computer, reading this article there is someone, somewhere there, experiencing something similar. Experiencing the human bein-gness.

All the flaws one would call it, or you can call them features, open to the angst, and pain, and laughs and sorrows and a lot of ands are in this humanish experience.

I feel touched, someone is screaming outside my window, no not by that. I felt touched by a Hollywood reporter video where actors were sharing their experiences with acting and the art of creation.

There were many moments when it got really funny and times when it got tense. One of them was about Jamie Foxx playing a role of a man being in jail and the emotions that it brought up of his father being there for 25 dollars worth of substance for 7 years. The room just got silent for a moment.

Or Shia talking about his relationship with father and how he used this pain for his acting and then felt trapped by it. A lot of vulnerable moments there.

Actually a lot of acting advice too in between the stories and laughs. I really like those type of “This is my story” advice. How when it comes to a crying scene writing is the boat that helps them to arrive there. They can’t push it, it comes or it doesn’t. The whole thing is just one storytelling lesson.

At the end of the interview, the reporter asked: “What would be the piece of advice you would give to your younger self?” and De Niro said: “Keep it calm, just, I seen people rise and fall and just keep it …” moving his hand close to a table.

Tom Hanks added to it: “Everything shall pass, the pains, the laughs everything shall pass eventually.” and Adam Sandler: “Stretch more.” Yeah, I do laugh over that advice even now.

I felt a bit sad when they didn’t listen to Shia or Jamie Foxx, or they haven’t had the chance to add theirs advice for younger self’s.

What would I? What would I. Thinking about it, maybe yeah, connect to whatever is alive inside you. It’s always honest whether you like it or not, want to change it or not. Just hear it out. There is a message somewhere. One just needs to listen.

Even the whole tantrum after the message is a message, those are too parts that one needs to … I don’t want to say need, they are too parts of you. Yeah.

Here we are in the end of the post. I feel like I don’t even know what I was writing about, but it flowed. This may be less polished more messy but hopefully you enjoyed flowing with it.

See you tomorrof and love on you human. This is getting more and more emotional. I don’t want to say poop on you. Loving poop on you?



Edit time!

Today is my 50th article aniversarry here on medium. It all started out of this corona situation and ankst over what would I do if I would get it. I found out I would write. So here we are, 50 articles later.

Funny enough, today’s one is about writing. I would like to celebrate for a moment and thank you, the reader.

Thank you for giving them time it’s an honor for them and hopefully they bring you a bit of emotion in return.

I would like to thank myself also. Yeah, I do! (Self-patting sounds on a shoulder.)

Even though it sometimes brings me ankst over what would be the best title, or to finish it on time before midnight, in the end of the day I feel grateful for it and enjoy doing it.

Bye again, Luke.

PS.: My first article Mars colony and farts. I still get the laughs reading it.

Just writing.