Addressing the Heaviness in the Air

How avoiding the vibes in the air isn’t the option to go about it.

Photo by Daria Rom on Unsplash

Okay, I’ll make another creation about that point.

Here is the moment. I was listening to a radio and the guy inside it was wishing: “I hope you are having nice day,” and those stuff. However, this time it felt different.

There was something in the air that wasn’t being addressed. And well we all know what it is. And I could or just have a feeling of him not addressing it, making the situation even worse.

It’s almost like you are naked, and everybody tells you: “Hey your pubis is improperly cut” and you just ignore them. Just show of put the legs apart, sit on a chair. Looking them directly to the eyes, still ignoring that they stare at your hair cut. Now that situation.

There is a vibe in air, and when you don’t address it, it’s would be floating around. I tried to address it with a video, and made a meditation one. I enjoyed it.

But still, it’s almost like you don’t want to add fire to the situation, but trying to not address it, does the exact opposite. How to approach it, well address it in a creative manner. What is that? Well, you would find out. What I played with was I didn’t say the name and sometimes I even say, or express the situation as nobody even me heard it before.

Which gives me a bit of different perspective. However, with the humor one needs to be really causes. You don’t want to make too much of it, to try to create “it’s nothing” idea. But at the same time, you don’t want to heavy it with your anxiety even more. Yeah, anxiety is contagious. You know how laughs are? That’s the same for another emotions. Also, farts are contiguous. Why they are so funny when somebody farts. It’s probably the situation, like dancing and all of a sudden you hear this sound, and their eyes go: “Oh shit”. You think: “Was this a floor or?” It’s never the floor, people.

This article shouldn’t be a cheap shot at the radio guy, I just thought its interesting thing when you notice it. And how sometimes, the best idea is to address it. “Here it is, the asymmetric pubis, look but don’t touch. Oh hi, okay you can.”



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