An answer to uncertainty

“Luke!” I heard a dad’s voice from a kitchen. “The frick, I don’t want to talk now” thought to myself. I was in the middle of dream interpretation and I just wasn’t up for a conversation. Morning routine first. I even imagined how I would refuse him.

I waited a bit and minded my writing. I hear someone coming. “Knock, knock” the doors opens slowly, and he says: “Hey man, what are you doing? Do you have time?” with a really subtle tone in his voice.

“I’m writing, but yeah come in,” even I was surprised when all of a sudden, I was open for a talk. I watched him walk towards the tambourine, with head bent down.

Something was happening, there was this opaque in the air. I couldn’t tell what. He sat on a tambourine and didn’t even look at me. I thought: “Oh no, a dad talk. I just I don’t want to do it now.” Imagining how we would talk about all the stuff, I just don’t want to do it, right in the morning.

All of a sudden he started. “Hey during the night I saw something.” Surprised by what am I hearing he continued: “It was strange it was like line of lights in the sky slowly moving across but it was strange, it was going really slowly.”

I’m not gonna lie, I was worried if I want to hear the story. No more like worries of dad talk. Now, I don’t know if I want to hear this story. “First it was almost like a line, so I took a telescope and look it. I saw how they are small lights going one after another.”

I was listening intensely, and seeing how he has hard time explaining what he actually saw. “When I looked closely there were going few after another, then there was a bit of pause and again some. Almost if they are dragged on a thread.”

Some interpretations started to pop up, and he added: “Do you know where should I call or who should I ask, if I want to know what it was?” I was perplexed. Firstly I thought it’s a dad talk, then I was worried over aliens encountering and now I think, I …

“Wait dad, I would show you something and you would tell if this is what you’ve seen.” I typed to the YouTube: “Starlink satellites night sky.” “I think I know what it was.” while waiting impatiently over the YouTube ad.

I played the video and asked if this is what he saw: “Yeah, exactly that’s what it was. What is it?” I started to explain how Elon is pumping into the low earth orbit internet satellites and about 2 days ago, he pumped a new bunch of them.

What he saw was a reflection of the satellite solar panels that on earth to an observer seem like train of stars moving slowly across the night sky. I smiled because it’s really mesmerizing to see it first time.

Sometimes frightening when you don’t know what it is. I just remember how first time they were launched and this light theater started, people on Twitter were posting photos and asking what is it.

“I counted like 47 of them” Me: “Yeah, they are a bunch of them”

After the talk I was thinking not only about how what I expected didn’t happen but also how one sometimes experience something, that he has a hard time making sense of it. He doesn’t have the interpretation yet.

It may be even something strange. He may be even unsure about sharing with other and questions what he actually saw. The answer or the explanation from all the uncertainty of what it was can come a bit later. Sometimes right away, and sometimes much much later.

“Imagine the native people seeing it.” I said to him.

Then I started to image all the situation the indigenous people can encounter it.

No really, looking up as a tribe guy you would like to have some time with wife and all of a sudden you see a train of stars floating through the night sky. She interprets it as a signal for no play, but you already have a hard boner. Here we go, the Starlink satellites the new age cock blockers.

Or or someone is sailing, trying to go home and all of a sudden seeing the train of stars, change the direction and “bam”, you hit an island. Not knowing why. Do you have the images there? No?

I ate a lot of cakes today, and it messed up my gut. It’s bloaty and my farts stinks. It is not sitting well. Well, hopefully you are okay, and feeling fine. Don’t forget; the answer from uncertainty may come, just not right away.

Bye, eat well and see you tomorrof,




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