An Irrational Hunch While Crafting a Table

And how following it, I find out why it was a more clever approach how to cut the wood.

Photo by Sarah Green on Unsplash

Today when trying to create a table for my computer work set, I met a strange situation.

While I was going to cut the board there appeared an idea to cut it from a other side.

I continued and while putting the cutter to the board, I felt this: “Don’t do this.” I put it aside and looked at it again.

It was in a worse situation, the corner where like bitten off. I was working with wood. The whole side was more dirty. The rectangle lines were already made. Just you know. It didn’t make sense on a first glance.

Now I just said “Okay,” and went along. Turn the board around and cut the 54 cm rectangles, from the uglier side.

Some work went by and I found out, that I don’t like the proportions. I was making a puzzle table. I wanted to fit one piece of wood to another with puzzle like gaps without screws. But when doing so I found it, the gaps or puzzle holes, were too close to the edge, so it could possibly break. All of a sudden I looked at the untouched part that I firstly wanted to cut laying there.

Looking at the board I was like: “Huh, good that I didn’t cut it first time.” I am not telling that’s always the case. It’s just gives you to show how sometimes the intuition is a good tool to follow. I don’t even know if it’s intuition. Call it whatever you want, that feeling to just go there.

That moment.

After listening to C.G.Jung, I got to defining the hunch as: “Knowing something without understanding all the intermediate step in between.”

Hopefully I did a good job explaining it. Did you experience something similar?



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