Approaching writing like playing with a baby.

For everyday writers, and the struggle to forget the problems and do a nice writing every day.

Luke Fecko
2 min readSep 8, 2020
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

When writing about approaching writing gently, I thought: “It’s like playing with a baby.”

You almost like need to forget about all the “What would I write about,” “What tags would I use,” “How would I pay my insurance.” All those things in back of your mind should be forgotten when going to play with the baby.

Otherwise, you’ll be like rotten tomato not really having fun.

My belief is that from the playful time that’s where the best articles comes from. Well best, the ones that I enjoy reading. There is funniness and lightness in every sentence. You can just feel it.

Let me use another moment, using the baby metaphor.

Sometimes I come home and because I had this: “Everyday, write an article” it’s like you need to play with a baby.

Even writing it now, you can see when you go into it with this intention you may break the game. You need to.

No wonder that some of my plays are like: “Here is a car, do the play itself” looking grumpy at the baby.

Maybe even frustrated: “Why don’t you write, yourself!”

In that time again using the baby metaphor, just rest a bit. You don’t need to be hardcore great player.

Go with your current feelings. Lay down on a ground and make road for him. You’ll rest, and he would play over your body.

There are just ways when even in the most exhausted phases you can somehow, make a play out of it.

And you don’t really need to say: “Hey baby, I am exhausted I don’t want to play today.”

Yeah, everyday article club!



You know how I’ve said to forgot all the things in the back of your mind? One tactic that one uses is to write everything down somewhere.

Have a paper in a room and write all the stuff that you struggle with to free your mind for the play. No worries, later you can come back to it.