Connecting to the Present Moment Honesty During Creation.

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

Today while creating, I experience a strange phenomenon. Maybe not strange but insightful to put it better.

I was trying to draw and talk at the same time about an idea that I had. And the idea wasn’t really clear, I haven’t memorized it or anything. I create it as I go. That was the plan.

Now I tried first take, and it was fun. You know full of just saying words, having laughs, and trying to explain something that isn’t really cohesive in my head yet. It’s like a small people in my head are throwing ideas for me to speak and there is some random sentences in the middle coming out of me, because I need to say something. “Who throw that?!” Silence.

I took a second take, and I felt its getting worse. Maybe the explanation, no it was worse. The third take I think, I could explain it better the metaphor started to make sense logically, but overall it was less fun and I couldn’t really put it together. It felt pushy.

I started to think how maybe the metaphor itself that I am trying to use, isn’t working. It wasn’t working. I went to eat and then came back. Fifth take, still nah, sixth take I tried to make fun of it. “This is my sixth take and I don’t know how it would.” It didn’t play out. Just remember each take, took me some time and I draw something.

I stopped. Thought: “I maybe need to write the text first and remember and then draw along.” Considering to somehow simplify the task in hand by splitting it. Preprocessing it by writing it first or drawing first and then just talking over it. That I may be putting too much stuff together. Even making it felt like I am dragging myself to it, and the whole experience was not great. I just went away from it all together.

Now with 7th take, it was a different story. I’ve had this idea while eating outside of my room: “It’s similar like you’re trying to explain it to your friends and it isn’t working.” Like in your head it all made sense and when you say it out loud the words just crumple the moment they go outside of your mouth. Nobody gets it, not even you.

“That’s funny let’s start with that.” I started the recorder and started with this plain honesty up front of what is the situation. I laughed a lot, and then I jumped back to the topic. I don’t know how great the explanation was, but what I am sure is I had fun. I was drawing and during it, saying stuff. If it didn’t make sense, I called it out loud. Expressed my frustration. They were actually seeing a person while in creation process. When needing to send more brain bandwidth to the drawing, I’ve announced it: “Drawing here a bit” and kept quiet. It was just all an enjoyable experience.

Whether they got the point, I somewhere hopefully had there I’m not sure. But hopefully they took a thing or two out of it.

See even here I am not feeling, if I express it totally how I wanted it. So I would say it again. Connect to the present by honesty and then do whatever you want. See how it’s play out, call out if you’re feeling it’s not going the way it should. Have fun. That’s what it’s all about. Oh and here is the YouTube video: Teachings with Luke.

That isn’t a knock onto a better material, and preparing and stuff. It’s more of a when you want to flow, do it with radical honesty to a moment. Even this article, I still feel not understood by the writing. Not anymore, I’ve made a second revision. Haha.

Honesty, honesty, honesty.




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