Getting Emotional While Looking at a Paper

Nice paper though.

Luke Fecko
2 min readSep 28, 2020


Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

Today I went to sign for the club of unemployment. “Welcome, welcome, take a sit,” There was no chairs, no fruits. Yeah, they are greedy. I get that. “Thank you it’s a strange experience to be here.” saying to myself.

No really. When I went to sign there, I experienced something. I was looking for my Bachelor diploma and couldn’t find it. Was hurrying a bit, but finally found it inside a box. Opened it, and I forgot how elegant the diploma looks like. Really.

It was in this hard stiff envelope with a gold logo of our university. I opened it and saw a Title “transcript of records.” All of a sudden all those memories of how I was studying it, just got to me. I started to get emotional. On last page of the envelope, there was my diploma. Strapped by two, very soft pieces of cotton. And I cried.

I don’t want to throw what was appearing there, it just all got sentimental and that I need to go and join the club of unemployment. I knew why I am doing it, although still. Emotions. The diploma design was just great. People in my Uni, well done. Clap clap.

While traveling in a car I looked at it again, and start crying again. I am smiling a bit right now. Like what is it, how this paper symbolizes, what you have gone through. University memories, all the struggles, and wins. Small victories of getting over the line of F from Linear Algebra on the last try. Otherwise, you would travel home. Yeah.

Hello everybody who attended the same University,
Have a nice day,