How Jealousy is Just a Hidden Want.

A small sketch from the construction environment looking at how you can translate jealousy into something useful.

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Imagine a situation. Two construction guys are walking inside a building, sitting to finally eat their bread. One of them goes to panoramatic window and glanced a guy in a restaurant across the street.

Buddy laughs a bit and point with a chewed of bread onto him.

You could see the terrifying look in his eyes.

You don’t want to be him. You are just jealous of that situation.

Rather than seeing where the jealousy is pointing you, you go around and create those bleak stories around him. How he is a shitty person, how he shouldn’t have this or that. It’s not fair. You are just getting lost in the wishes.

It’s the same as with jackpot “I wish to win a jackpot.” Rather than seeing what you want under the blanket of this statement, you just buy the fucking ticket and not spend the money and time, on pursuing what is underneath it.

See it? Jealousy is fine, till you extract from it what you want. It’s a pointer. Go ahead write all those whining and complaints down and see what needs are underneath them.

He sits on the brick, look down and start chewing a piece of bread from a plastic cover. There was quietness in the room for the time. Occasionally the Buddy looked at him but he was still in deep thinking.

Now the guy in suit went outside the restaurant and a supermodel shows up. Kissed him, he grabbed her ass, and they continued down the road.

He gave him the look.

Yeah, I hope it brings a bit of smile onto you. Small sketch that was hovering in my mind for some time already. I try to remind myself this teaching of jealousy. How I can really use this feeling not to get rotten and resentful, but to show me what do I want and direct myself to it.


Just writing.