How playfulness can solve any task in hand, even with one hand restriction.

Rehearsing: “I’ve pinched my right-hand nerve yesterday. No no no, that’s too serious.” “I did tinkle my nerve in my right hand a bit yesterday, trying to dance out of a chair,” trying relentlessly the lines that, I would say to my father. The reason? Well I promised a help and now I wasn’t sure if I can deliver.

“Just be assertive. What is this self-talk about?” questioning the inner dialogues. I don’t know. Okay, I know I felt fear of him saying: “Oh come one not again something.” Another excuse. Marshall Rosenberg says that we shouldn’t be afraid of their reaction, but to our own reaction to it.”

Each time I was ready to say it, I couldn’t, I somehow got stuck. “Maybe I don’t really need to say it. Just do what you can, when you wouldn’t be able to, then say it.” And most of the jobs I was fine. Used my left hand, tried my right hand here and there. It worked.

Now the moment to pull something up with a rope came. “Oh no” internally realizing that I need to come out with my restriction.
Me: “Hey listen my right-hand nerve pinched a bit” I mumbled out of me and realized how it didn’t even make sense.
He: “What?”
Me: “My right hand isn’t all right. Listen, I would try to do it, and we will see,” hopeful that I can somehow figure it out.

The task in hand was to pull a heavy brick with a hoist on an upper floor.

“Here we go, use the least amount of energy and somehow put it up.” Took the building block and put onto a one wheel. “That was easy,” using some yoga positions. Going to a rope. “Here we are, the moment of pulling”.

First I tried to pull with left hand and right only hold and again. After the first brick I could feel it a bit and I wanted to take care of it rather and not push it.

So I kept ideating. When passing down something upon the rope I stepped with my foot on it to slow down the speed of it. And then I light bulb moment came: “I would pull with my left hand, step on it, catch a bit higher and pull again.”

Next brick, I tried it and it was working! I was so happy about it. Few building blocks went like that up and there was one when I hit the wall when it was swinging too much and felt this “Ahhh it didn’t go well” feeling.

And I hear him saying: “You want to pull it like this?”
Me: “Yeah, to be okay.”
Him: “When you want to do it like this, rather let it be and don’t even pull.” with a frustration in his voice.

And I felt down. Like till now it was fine and all of a sudden. It was even working I wasn’t even making that much effort and in a funny way, I thought about using my legs even when pulling with both hands. It was such a good trick.

The whole doing it later tasted bitter. In a moment all of my joy from doing it, was gone. I started to question it if I should continue if he doesn’t want me to. Even the brick placing got harder to do, like physically. “Ahhh!”

Then I noticed it all. “Vouu, this is what is happening now” how in one moment I could from enjoying that I figured it out fall into “You don’t want me to do it.”

Realizing my framing, I tried to slowly got back into playing with it. Even though I was no longer motivated to do it all, I still wanted to finish a few.

I did. I finished a one half of the brick package. Was proud of myself. Father was also fine after when he saw that it works. We have figured it out.

Maybe today story is how you shouldn’t underestimate your ingenuity and framing you have over what you do. Experiment and have play with it.

So take care and bye people, the hand is fine, it was just a prevention.
Bye, Luke

Just writing.