How sharing a heavy thing between two people, makes it less heavy.

Budummm, tsss. Some big brain stuff right there huh? No really hear me out. Today’s story is inspired by buckets and water.

“Uh, there are kinda heavy,” noticing when walking with two buckets of water. Recalling how just few moments ago, I was sharing them with my nephew and it was easier. Okay this might sound strange “Really one bucket of water is less heavy than two of them? That’s some big brain stuff.” No, physics lecture is not in the menu today.

What I was contemplating when bending from side to side was this: “Huh, maybe dealing with all things is easier when there are two of us doing it.” Thinking that maybe even the sorrow and pains may be easier to bear when there are two people to share it. See the philosopher within me waking up in the presence of buckets?

It wasn’t about the heaviness only that I noticed being different. The experience when we were going for a water two was different too. It felt almost like “we are just there and it happened that we take water into a bucket.” rather than: “I must take this water into bucket and put it upstairs.” bla bla, not fun, not enjoying it.

It was more easy going when we were doing it together. We were chatting along the way. Time and water in buckets just flied by. We also played a game that if somebody says something in a different language than English he needs to do a push-up. He broke the rules immediately.

Running with buckets back to our topic. I thought if this would be similar with writing. Two people writing the same piece. One end’s up somewhere and the second one continues in a similar vibes and tone. It would be fun to see a text like that. I guess each corporation web page is exactly that. A novel written by two people!

One quote in the end:

Buckets here and water there, share your buckets here and there!

Bye human see ya tomorrof,