You know the moment when you read the messages in the morning and you are like. “I don’t know about that. I already send it. It sounds kinda scattered and maybe too pushy.”

Not only that but sometimes the email you send you are like: ”Does this email has a 24 hour later undo button?”

The trick I want to suggest for myself is the following one.

First step: Take a paper and write whatever and however you feel it. Really like the way it is appearing in tour mind. Go ahead and be radically honest.

Next step: Copy it to email and send it.

No really don’t do it. Sometimes it can be some pain body reactions and you may be too defensive or aggressive. But if you want adventure, yeah this is the way forward.

The second step: Read it after yourself. Try to emphasize with what are the needs behind it and what am I really trying to express here.

Usually it gives a bit of clarity and most of the stuff one doesn’t even need to send. It’s just when you read it you are like: ”Oh I can see.”

For example when I was replying to refused application, I could see how I am trying to defend myself. To explain myself what was my point again, while loosing the opportunity to gather the feedback why they saw it that way. What were the moments when they were like: ”Nope we don’t want you.”

Warning: Some parts of you may not enjoy it. The thing here I usually try to recall the truth doesn’t hurt me. Whatever way they see it it as it is. I can learn something from it or I can use a judgement: “Yeah they don’t have humor.”

You can even spot the feeling of:”Now I am bullshiting myself here.”

Third step: Write it digitally, let the computer check the grammar and click send!

There you go, you have saved yourself from feeling shame and regret. Maybe you’ll find something new there. Why others reacted the way they did. Fun stuff.

Use this method when there is something more touchy, or something that you care about to be clear and honest.

Bye and take care, see ya tomorrow


Just writing.