Staying present with a task in hand even when feeling tired.

Today I was called to move bricks again. I bit tired, and after a late wake up, I said: “Okay.” She was asking my yoga ass when do I come: “I don’t know half an hour.” Going outside I wasn’t really like super pumped to do it, but I guess it was fine.

After a few bricks a small scratch come along. “Ahhh” screaming at the brick. “I din’t do anything you moved me,” came back from the brick. After couple of those scratches came a bigger one. “Waaaa” I interjected my way to a universe.

“Okay I am here now don’t think anything else be present,” trying to move the thoughts of when we finish it away. I basically scratched myself to a present moment again. After it I was thinking about the job in hand, again.

“Okay, now how do I do it?” trying to come up a with a solution that would be as easy as possible. I started to play with it.

I squadded, took the brick really close to me and hold it like a doggy and moved up with it. All the weight was going into my legs, none to my back. It’s fun like how I developed this movement. I was happy about it.

It worked but then I noticed that my squads are getting progressively longer. “ I’m tired” noting to myself. Looking at the never ending stream of bricks, I was like: “Do we need to do it all today?” Not being sure I want to continue. See the state of mind present?

But, I was working with my brother-in-law, and he was like: “Let’s finish this first”. He wanted to do it, and was hurrying a bit. I am not quite good at asserting myself. So, I went along and dragged myself against the gravity again.

Trying to be really present again, with each brick. Taking care that I move it okay, and don’t injure myself with scratches. But what happened was he almost got injured.

Maybe here is a moment I would like to point out. When you decide to go and want to finish it, be present when doing it. Even though you may be unsure or you don't really want to.

Like don’t think about going anywhere else. You are there doing it. Usually that’s where the injuries came along. When one does hurry and his mind is somewhere else.

Even with writing I could notice moments, when I just want to finish it on time. And I hurry and while doing it I make a mess of feelings and words not well-chosen. Like don’t hurry.

Be assertive. Just don’t hurry or do it half way. Which reminds me of well this article.

Take care, be present with whatever it is and see ya tomorrof.




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