Watching Jordan Peterson Lectures is like Watching a Christmas Tree Of Insights Lights Up.

What happens when you play one of the videos of: “Becoming Mr. Right rather than Mr. Nice guy.”

Luke Fecko
4 min readOct 12, 2020

I was just watching Jordan Peterson talk. You know those motivational clips of videos talking how to be not a nice guy, but assertive. Yeah those, you should watch it. I think it all falls on the Assertive word. Nobody wants to be assertive. It’s sounds horrible.

“Assertive? What’s wrong with you man?”

“No, I am training assertive training, I don’t like you labeling me.”

“Jesus somebody needs to be nicer here.”

See it’s all marketing. Even the whole sound of that word. Yeah, whatever.

The topic I wanted to talk about was Jordan Peterson and his lectures. Now when I listen to a usual speech like mine, I get like two or free insights per session. It’s pretty sporadic, I just put too much ballast around it.

But when I go and listen to him, my SELF lights up as a Christmas tree. No really. Sometimes I need to stop, and let the emotional afterglow of the profanity of what he said, wash over me. I don’t stop, I keep listening and then I go back: “How was he saying it, be nice but monster?”

Try to understand it, and when approaching the understanding, I go like: “I think I got it” yeah you think man, you think. (Did you hear his voice when reading the sentence?) And that’s it. That’s what I wanted to talk about. How his lectures, are just seeded with this profound, stuff that lights you up.

After some time on YouTube, I can call myself a senior level this moment, I go and distinguish the videos, or watch videos in a way that I look for what interest me. “Oh yeah” like this little spark of a good, question or something.

And his videos just have more of those “Oh yeah” moments. It fits, and it’s refreshing. You don’t feel that bad after being a not great at expressing yourself in front a Father. It’s hard. But it’s worth it.

I am a strange person on the agreeableness spectrum. There are topics that I can go and say: “Yeah, fuck you, I think you are full of shit.” Like electric cars and gas cars. But there are moments when I just want you to feel fine. Probably because I can sense it, and then I, don’t feel fine. You know good old sensitivity, and energy connecting to the emotions in the air. All that I am saying I am somewhere in between. More agreeable. Agreed. Disagreed? Not to uncover other traits, back to a topic.

So that’s probably it. Also, Alan Watts when he talks there are those moments. I sometimes, even do an action, which is strange because usually you don’t. But I did with Alan Watts posing a good question: “What would you do if money would be no question” It’s refreshing to actually, first see the ballast and then uncover it and go to the core of what is it. However stupid, buried under the ground of your unconsciousness it is. Just because you didn’t actually figure out how to monetize it. Yeah, those type of things.

I hope you are getting something out of reading this article. “Those insights, hmm interesting,” moments too. Just an advice; note them down. You’ll make them more alive in you.

I would shut up now. And continue watching Bill Burr trashing hypocrisy in white woman. No I am not into that, I just like when someone calls out hypocrisy, I think it’s fun.

Oh, I wanted to add something to the Jordan Peterson that is hovering in my mind for some time already.

Imagine your mind as a jungle. Now I think he is great at giving you advice at directions, and points where to go there. Master of a Mind-Jungle. However, there is one knowledge that my full-hearthed trust in his praisings had fallen a bit. Because of his recent situation, where I started to question stuff. Not his credibility, or what he says that is still profound as it was before. What I started to discover is I think of it as a blind spot of his.

“Hey maybe he needed a bit of more practice how to leave the jungle” meaning a meditation practice.

Listen, I don’t know his practices, daily routines, I don’t really watch him that closely he might did it. I don’t know. When I saw he's having hard time with stuff, I just my mind went for a thought hunt. And this is what came back. The knowledge that Sam Harris started to practice after a trip, I think is something that I want to go, and practice too. How to just let the jungle be, not try to change it, walk there somewhere, find the right directions. Just to have the ability to free myself from the jungle and just let the jungle be and me just be too.

Just remember, you still need to go back to the Jungle. So, thank you Mrs Jungle, thank you for all the insights. Sending appreciation.