Writing experiment: Finishing a Friends Story.

Imagine: You received letters from a friend. Your cat ate two of them, which were the more polished versions and the final version of the story. You’re left just with the draft. Now you need to finish the story in a way that you would still tell the gist of a friend story to the smallest possible word count.

Edit: If you want, the teaching it’s in the end.


Draft is with all the mistakes and stuff. Yeah, my friend isn’t very into editing. I’m sorry, I want to be honest to the letter.

“Okay lets just put the pillow away and lay on it.” I said to myself while first being conscious of being awake. That’s what I did/ But following a yestarday expample I went with the advice I gave myself: “Rather then say what you want notice what you are doing” well in my case it wasn’t that hard: “I am laying, still not moving. Eyes still closed” I am laughing now and I probably did also then.

It’s good news people. It worked I didn’t fell asleep again. I woke up at the time I wanted or intented to wake up which feels good I could go and hep my brother with some work. I don’t think it was the being in the present moment only it also was how I went to sleep with a betterlight hygene. Tha’s strange that we need to make a light hygene. Ancestors would be facepalming their foreheads now.

I would like to go back to that awarenes.. It felt even strange how when I started to move my attention down, and noticing how, or rather commenting upon how my body feels. You kow the sport commentators, how they are commenting what is happening? Thats what I did right after I woke up. One interpretation why it’s help is that you align yourself with what is happening, and I have hard time pointing it out. Basically you don’t push yourself you watch yourself. And when still laying in a bed, you feel this motivation to change it.

I didn’t stop there I went with this, point of vieew even into the yoga practice, which with down facing dog, it’s when you do a bridge and kids can crawl under you. That I had hard time doing. You know sitting in a chair a lot. My butt muscles are tight or who knows which one I am using and not using. Again the ancestors facepalm happening. And it was different, I can breath into it, and streatched my legs better.

Thinking baout it now, I almost missed it. YEah it was so nice, I felt like having superpowers, and if I use this awareness spell into everything I could march into the world more couragiously. I asically took all my writing skills and first observed what is happening and then comment with it. Not judge it but trying to observe it with words. Yeah there is a distinquive feling when judging that nice good or bad and when just using words to portray the obseration. It feels good.

Oh this article should be something I do the writing experiment but love and behold I am doing something different. I like this random nature of writing. Honesty my dear frien, be with me for another sentence.

My first take

There was a time when spells were something everybody knew about. And one of the most powerful one being awareness.

First time he used it when waking up. He didn’t lie to himself that, he is waking up. He just observed what he was doing with a spell of awareness. “I’m laying, down, still not waking up. I can feel blanket touching my knee.” he continued his spell till he finally connected. To the magical world of a present moment.

From that moment on he was using this spell everywhere. Exercising yoga, awareness on you. He didn’t want to lose, this spell. Once thought he really held him close, thinking about how courageously he can march to the world, with the spell of awareness.

My second take

There was a land, a far away place. Where spells of happiness and peace were taught. This one spell, that all the spells from all around the world originated from. A spell called “Awareness.”

My friend recently, have sent me a letter using the spell, on his morning struggles with waking up, recently.

“I wanted to wake up. But rather than going to a wish world full of should spells, I recalled the teaching from the place forgotten by the past. ‘Observe what are you doing now.’ I dropped down into my body with awareness start to notice: “I am laying on a bed, feel the blanket pressuring my knee. Eyes closed tight.” the spell was working. All of a sudden I connected to the magical world of a present moment. The resistance coming from the wish world, haven’t had a chance to fog my mind this morning, again.”

When reading it I was happy with him. Thanks to this early wake up he could go and help his brother. From that moment he was using this spell, everywhere. “Okay downward facing dog, now lets use the awareness spell. What is happening in my lower back.” He didn’t write the observation coming out of the present world connection. But I trust he tapped to it again.

Even though he didn’t wish to lose the spell, he slowly started to notice how the powers are fading away. The old known, wish world was coming and offering him a wish: “How did you do the spell last time?”. Doubts from the wish world flooding his mind all over again. He just didn’t notice, this is a wish world trick, how to keep him locked inside.

The only thing he really need is to do the spell again.

“Wish world, thought world, you are nice,
but let me, leave me back to wonders,
of the present moments now.”

I didn’t felt like writing, today. Then I started, and while writing the second draft, I encounter the idea to look at it from spells and wish worlds and all this creativity started to flow in. I didn’t need more, and all of a sudden I had this fun world to explore and write about.

Maybe the today’s lesson is:

You never know what you would encounter, when you actually start, writing.

See ya people,




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